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  1. DME Sports Academy Newsletter: Sep 18th

Wesam Al-Sous


Director of PG Basketball
Blue PG Team Head Coach

Wesam Al-Sous is a former Jordanian professional basketball player. He played for the Top clubs of the Jordanian National Basketball League. He also was a member of the Jordanian national basketball team, and served as it’s captain for the last 3 years of his playing career.  Al-Sous competed with the Jordanian National team at 6 FIBA Asia Championships and FIBA Asia Championship 2009. In 2009, Al-Sous helped the Jordanian team to qualify to the World Championship 2010.

Being a great Basketball player doesn’t necessarily make you a great coach but in Wesam’s case his passion and intelligence on the court as a player has translated perfectly to the bench. Wesam has become a great coach and talented personal trainer. His more than 10 years of experience as captain of the Jordanian national team as a point guard has given him tremendous insight into the game. His passion for teaching has made him a favorite with his students and players. Get to know Wesam both as a coach and as a leader, he will find his way to success both on and off the court and we are lucky to have a such a talent at DME Academy.