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About Our Volleyball Programs

DME Volleyball offers indoor and beach programs for girls aged 8-18. With a strong focus on development and multiple programs across various ages and skill levels, we offer something for everyone. Our elite facility, experienced coaching staff and a track record of success allows athletes the chance to compete and fulfill their dreams.



The Benefits of Playing Volleyball AT DME


DME athletes are immersed in their training. With elite competition, a robust training schedule, advanced strength and conditioning program, skill development focused on the mechanics of volleyball and an experienced leadership team, we get athletes ready for the next level. 

Program Details

What Makes DME Volleyball Unique?

Facilities & Technology

With seven indoor courts, four beach courts, two weight rooms, a spa and recovery facility and audio/visual center for video analysis, DME has a training facility that competes with most collegiate programs. 


With years of professional, olympic and collegiate experience, our team brings out the best in student-athletes as we continually develop our student-athletes for the next level.


Our DME Volleyball department recognizes the importance of a strong work-life balance. The flexibility the DME Academy provides is unmatched. We take pride in how we work with our athlete's families regarding scheduling conflicts. Our commitment to training is unwavering yet flexible.

Mindfulness Methodology

We believe that a positive & nurturing environment brings out the best in all athletes. Positive words have an encouraging impact on a person's confidence and are vital for healthy development. Our mindfulness methodology is engrained in our program. 

Off Court Training

We focus just as much time into the development of our athletes off the court as we do on it. We offer advanced strength and conditioning programs, an elite sports performance facility, mental training sessions & video technology to give an edge to our aspiring student- athletes.

Alumni & Relationships

We have roots within various levels of collegiate volleyball, giving student-athletes a unique perspective into the higher levels of competition.  With former DME athletes playing at top programs partnered with our experienced coaches our network is vast, growing and our relationships are strong.

Did you Know?


Family Environment

DME is a family-run Sports Academy. No two athletes or students are alike. Every student-athlete has a unique footprint, so we create a customized, balanced approach that removes limits and maximize their potential.  Our experienced staff are always there to help both on and off the court. 

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Volleyball Program FAQ

How many players are on a team?

Numbers for indoor can vary from 8-12. In our Fall Ball league, we try to keep smaller numbers as it is developmental.  Spring Club numbers tend to be closer to 12. Beach volleyball is 2. 

How many practices are there per week?

Fall Season is two times per week.

Spring Club Elite: three times per week plus strength & conditioning sessions

Spring Club American: two times per week

Spring Club Local: two times per week

Skills & Drills: one time per week

Beach Club: two times per week

Beach Winter/Spring: two times per week

When are athletes placed on a team?

Athletes are places on a team in late July.

What is the cost to participate in DME Volleyball?

Tuition varies by division and season. Programs range from $3500 to $600. To learn more about our program and find one that works for you, please contact a student-athlete advisor to start your journey by filling out the form below.

When are the tournaments?

The tournament schedule varies by team and season. To find your schedule click here. 

What is the closed practice policy?

The club maintains a policy of practices being closed to parents. We believe this creates a much more professional and positive learning environment for your child as well as reduces the inevitable negative comments which ultimately come from some parents.
The closed practice policy applies to practices but does not apply to scrimmages in which parents are welcome. Teams that practice only twice a week will be permitted to watch the last 30 minutes of the second practice a week. For 10 & 11’s, parents may watch practices during the months of November and December. All 12 & older teams parents may watch the first practice of each month, beginning in January.

When does the season begin?

Elite teams will begin practices in November and will conclude in May unless you have qualified for GJNC. We will offer an AAU National team for those that want to continue their season into the summer at an additional cost.

DME To-Do List

Turn in all paperwork to your facility; this should have been completed for tryouts
A. Media Release Form completed
B. Handbook Acknowledgment after reading handbook online
C. Credit Card Authorization form
D. USAV Medical Form (signed & notarized)
E. A copy of your daughter’s birth certificate
E. Signed Participation Agreement 
F. Purchase (or renew) your daughter’s AAU membership. Make sure to add our club code!
G. Purchase (or renew) your USAV membership and complete the sports engine acceptance emails
I. Make sure your daughter completes the Junior Officiating requirements per the Florida Region

Are the players required to wear specific practice uniforms?

A DME practice t-shirt is the only required item for practices. 

How should play-time issues be handled?

Playing time is determined at the discretion of the DME coaching staff and is not guaranteed. It is based on a variety of factors, including but not limited to, a lineup for each competition that will lead to success on the court. Playtime is a very complex determination. It includes the coach’s opinion, the athlete’s ability, the athlete’s potential, the team’s needs/game strategy at the moment, the momentum of the game, the number of subs remaining, and the team’s needs for the future. The coach will not be required to defend his/her thought process or conclusions in these determinations, and it is improper for a parent to make such a request.

How do club payments work?

Auto pay is mandatory and will start once the deposit has been made using the credit card authorization form. Alternative payment methods must be authorized by your facility director.

My child is running late or cannot make a practice—what should they do?

Being on time is required; however, if your child is going to be late (for a valid reason), they must contact their coach, (and assistant coach) as soon as possible. If they are unable to make a practice, they must let the coach know in advance as their practice plan may have to be adjusted. It is important for players to be at all their practices for the team to develop competitively.

Does DME Volleyball offer scholarships or payment plans?

At this time we do not offer scholarships for our low-cost programs of Fall Ball orSkills & Drills but do offer financial assistance based on the need for Spring Club.

Travel FAQ

When traveling, can we pack shoes and uniform gear in checked luggage?

Each player must carry their gear—PACK SHOES, ALL JERSEYS, SHORTS, AND ANY & ALL GEAR IN YOUR BACKPACK SO IT FITS UNDER THE SEAT. This eliminates the risk of a carry-on gate check when overhead space is filled. The player should never be separated from their gear!!!

Are the athletes required to stay in the same hotel?

Yes, we are required to stay at specific hotels through the “Stay and Play” requirements for all tournaments. 

What if I am unable travel to an out-of-town tournament?

We ask that you make arrangements for your daughter to stay with another family/parent. Players are not allowed to stay in a room by themselves. 

What are the travel days for the out-of-town tournaments?

We travel the day before tournament play begins. The teams will generally gather for a pre-tournament team meeting that evening at 8:30 pm or 9:00 pm, so please book your flights accordingly. Return flights should be booked any time after 6:00 pm on the final day of the tournament to avoid having to forfeit in the finals or incur change fees/missed flights.

Are travel expenses included in the club dues?

Travel is not included in the dues and must be booked by parents individually. That includes airfare, lodging, transportation to/from the facility and meals. We will provide the required hotel information to our travel parent. They will then share with the team. Please book ASAP as hotels fill up quickly. 


Florida Region Harassment Policy
We are a member club of the Florida Region of USA Volleyball. As a player you may stop any unwanted contact from a club representative by simply asking (either verbally or in writing) that all contact cease. Any player believing a club representative of any Florida Region volleyball club has been intimidating, harassing, or acted inappropriately in any manner of contact or recruiting should contact the Florida Region office at (352) 742-0080

Contact Director Dawn Moses at 440.376.4514 for questions.

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