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Volleyball Programs

At DME you are sure to find the right training to advance your volleyball skills. Our training is tailored to the athlete’s skill level. Beginner to advanced players will benefit from our focused training system.

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Private Volleyball Lessons

At DME Sports, private lessons are designed for beginner to advanced players who need additional individualized instruction. You may set-up private training which is one on one training or semi-private training which is two on one training with a coach and an athlete (s). Cost of lessons vary by coach from $40-60 an hour. You may speak with a coach directly or email Coach Moses at (440) 376 – 4514 for a recommendation for a coach that fits your needs.

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Group Volleyball Lessons

Our group lessons offer athletes the opportunity to work on specific skills in a group environment. Groups provide our top coaches with the ability to incorporate drills that reflect game-like situations. Group lessons can have three to ten participants for two hours of training. Cost of training can vary by coach from $30-$50 an hour. You may schedule your group lesson with Coach Dawn Moses at (440) 376-4514

Volleyball Clinics

Clinics are designed for athletes to both learn and solidify the basic skills needed to advance as a volleyball player. During our clinics, we separate fundamental skills like passing, setting, hitting, and serving to teach athletes proper technique. Clinics can have 10-12 participants per court and athlete will be split up by skill level.

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Fall Ball Mini-Club Programs or National Prep (August – Mid October)

The Mini-Club Season/ National Prep is geared towards young athletes who are looking to develop their fundamental volleyball skills, while being able to compete in 2-3 local tournaments or strength and condition train in place of tournament. Mini-club teams play local volleyball clubs so that they can experience tournament like competition. The goal is to put players on the path to play at more competitive levels when Spring season arrives, as well as develop their skills to assist them in making their school teams. Teams are formed by age groups and skill level. The players practices will be twice a week Monday-Friday.

Spring Ball Program (November – May/June)

Spring Club volleyball is a program that offers opportunities for girls age 8-18 to compete against other programs in their own age divisions. We offer both American teams that compete at in-state only tournaments within 2.5 hours of DME, as well as Elite teams that compete in both in-state tournaments as well as out-of-state tournaments. The teams are coached and mentored by some of the top juniors coaches in the Daytona Beach area that strive to provide advanced technical training. Our athletes age 14 and over will be encouraged to pursue higher education by providing them exposure to college programs and assistance in the recruiting process. The Spring Team age divisions are determined by the USAV. Your age on Sept. 1, 2019 is your current age division.

Volleyball Tournaments

We strive to place our teams in tournaments in which they can compete at their highest level. There are many different divisions in which a team can play. The divisions will be determined with input from the coach and the club director. We expect our Adidas Elite teams to play in 2 qualifiers out of state and 2 qualifiers in state for the 2018 season. We expect our Adidas American teams to compete in one or two day tournaments as well as the AAU Regional Championships in May.

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Florida Region Harassment Policy
We are a member club of the Florida Region of USA Volleyball. As a player you may stop any unwanted contact from a club representative by simply asking (either verbally or in writing) that all contact cease. Any player believing a club representative of any Florida Region volleyball club has been intimidating, harassing, or acted inappropriately in any manner of contact or recruiting should contact the Florida Region office at (352) 742-0080