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Frequently Asked Questions

Our goal at DME is to respond to all inquiries as soon as possible, however, 24 hours is a standard response time. Should you need immediate assistance, please call/text Director Dawn Moses at 440-376-4514.

The closed practice policy applies to practices but does not apply to scrimmages in which parents are welcome. Teams that practice only twice a week will be permitted to watch the last 30 minutes of the second practice a week. For 10 & 11’s, parents may watch practices during the months of November and December. All 12 & older teams parents may watch the first practice of each month, beginning in December.

  1. Register for Fall Ball or Spring Ball online at
  2. During registration, check off all electronic signatures needed for the following forms:
    (a) General Liability Waiver (b) Electronic Communications and Social Media Policy (c) Travel Chaperone Policy (d) Handbook Acknowledgement (e) Parent and Athlete Code of Conduct (f) Media Release
  3. Upon accepting a position, sign and date the Participation Agreement, hand in at tryouts
  4. Complete a Credit Card Authorization (mandatory for all participants), hand in at tryouts
  5. Purchase (or renew) your daughter’s AAU membership and select DME Club Code (Available September 15)
  6. Purchase (or renew) your daughter’s USAV membership and select DME as your club (Available October 15)
  7. Make sure your daughter completes the Junior Officiating requirements per the Florida Region 2018-19 clinics. Training will be available beginning in October at players should complete modules FL18_101,FL18_102, FL18_103, FL18_104.  Successful completion of the online clinic will automatically be updated to your USAV membership record.
  8. USAV Medical Release (signed & notarized), hand in after September 15
  9. AAU Medical Release (signed and notarized), hand in after October 15
  10. Provide a copy of your daughter’s birth certificate

All teams (with the exception of Local teams and 10 American) will begin practice by December 1.  Some teams may start prior to Thanksgiving and others will not.  We have multiple college coaches on staff and they will conclude their collegiate season prior to beginning their coaching at DME.

All players are expected to complete the season which ends with the AAU Nationals. Teams which earn a bid to the USAV Nationals will also attend that tournament. If a player misses one of the end of season tournaments for a reason other than injury, they will not be permitted to play on an elite team the following year.

Yes, each player will be given a practice shirt to be worn at all practices. In the event the proper shirt is not worn or you need extra practice shirts, they can be purchased for $10.00 at the facility.

Being on time is required; however, if your daughter is going to be late (for a valid reason) she must contact her coach, (and assistant coach) as soon as possible. If she is unable to make a practice, she, again, must let the coach know in advance as their practice plan may have to be adjusted. It is important for players to be at all of their practices for the team to develop competitively.

You may order all DME apparel and any special orders by clicking on the link to the team store once it is sent to you after tryouts.  Merchandise will not be delivered until Mid-December.  Please pay attention to the date you must order by as the team store will only be open for a certain time period so that we can guarantee delivery.

No, we know that some items continue to fit athletes from year to year so we lowered the price for club and now have parents purchase the uniform. In 2019, everyone had to purchase the package and then there were optional items. In future years if the jersey remains the same you will be able to purchase only what you need.

It is your daughter’s responsibility to have all uniform requirements.  If she loses something, come to the director as soon as possible.  You will be required to purchase the replacement which will be costly as it can be very expensive to purchase one uniform jersey.

Volleyballs are given (one time only) so that each athlete can carry a ball to tournaments to warm up with.  It the job of the athlete to make sure she has her volleyball at the end of warm-ups.  If you lose your volleyball, you must buy a replacement.

Auto pay is mandatory and will start once the deposit has been made using the credit card authorization form. Alternative payment methods must be authorized by your director.

Travel is not included in the dues and must be booked by parents individually. That includes airfare, lodging, transportation to/from the facility and meals. We will provide the required hotel information to our families through an email.  Please book ASAP as hotels fill up quickly. Travel Tip: Many of our parents share rooms to help keep their costs down. Sometimes this is not available as an option but more than likely it will be.

NO! If the bag is lost, your daughter would not be able to play. Each player must carry their gear—ALL JERSEYS, SHOES, SHORTS, KNEE PADS, WARM-UPS, SOCKS SHOULD BE CARRIED IN YOUR BACKPACK SO IT FITS UNDER THE SEAT. This eliminates the risk of a carry-on gate check when overhead space is filled.

YES. Your daughter will have 2 or 3 jerseys depending on her team.  She must bring them to every match, clean or dirty. At away tournaments jerseys can be washed by hand or laundered if hotel has laundry facilities. Teams have had to unexpectantly change their jersey during a match and the team may be forced to forfeit if a member doesn’t have their jersey.

If the tournament is a “Stay and Play” event then, yes, we are required to stay together at specific hotels. It is required by some tournaments that every athlete on the roster be listed in a room. On some occasions, families may be able to share rooms, but this is not always the case.  In some instances, your family will be required to get their own room.

We ask that you make arrangements for your daughter to stay with another family/parent. Players are not allowed to stay in a room by themselves. Please make sure that your daughter is either traveling with surrogate family or booked on the coaches’ flight. Also, please ensure your daughter takes enough money for meals, which could include breakfast, lunch and dinner and for any healthy snacks.

We travel the day before tournament play begins. The teams will generally gather for a pre-tournament team meeting or meal that evening. Return flights should be booked any time after 6:00 pm on the final day of the tournament to avoid having to forfeit in the finals or incur change fees/missed flights.

YES, each coach will impose a curfew based on age and play time of the team. You can expect anytime between 9-11pm to be the time.  Please listen to the coaches as we want your daughter to be accounted for and well-rested.

  1. Breakfast is a critical meal and there are limited options. If it is a suite hotel that provides breakfast, that is the best option. If not, then the parents will need to find a different option for their child.
  2. Lunch is generally available at the playing facility. We request that all players have healthy options. This means we should not see the athletes consuming fried foods, soda and sweets.
  3. Dinner is determined by whether you play in the AM or PM wave. If you play in the AM wave, dinner should generally be arranged at a restaurant early enough that athletes will make curfew. Sometime during a 3-day tournament, players will prefer to just remain at the hotel and relax. PM waves are much trickier as players “return time” to the hotel is unknown

SportsRecruits is the platform that provides clubs, players, and their families with access to every college coach in the country. We use this platform to empower our players in the recruiting process and oversee their efforts and communication with complete transparency. SportsRecruits is offered to our Elite teams from ages 15-18. Players age 15 and above on American teams may pay $25 and the club will pay the balance if they wish to join. Some of our athletes are currently on SportsRecruits and will keep that information and add to it each season. However, if you are new to SportsRecruits, you’ll receive a welcome email with your login credentials once they have received this year’s rosters. To learn more about SportsRecruits, check out their homepage at or contact their Customer Success Team at

Playing time is determined at the discretion of the DME coaching staff and is not guaranteed. It is based on a variety of factors, including but not limited to, a lineup for each competition that will lead to success on the court. Playtime is a very complex determination. It includes the coach’s opinion, the athlete’s ability, the athlete’s potential, the team’s needs/game strategy at the moment, the momentum of the game, the number of subs remaining, and the team’s needs for the future. The coach will not be required to defend his/her thought process or conclusions in these determinations, and it is improper for a parent to make such a request.

If it is due to injury, we may prorate the balance owed on tuition if we can find a replacement for the team.  If however, we cannot find a replacement that will be left up to the director based on time left in season and costs incurred by the team.