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Joshua Platt – Academic Administrator

Joshua Platt is a dedicated educator and idealist, with 18 years of classroom experience. He is passionate about science, teaching AP and IB Environmental Science and IB Biology. A winner of Teacher of the Year honors at two different schools and a National Board Certified teacher, Joshua is a proponent of education and views college as the gateway to success for most students. He honed his educational leadership skills during a decade of experience as the head of a science department with over a dozen teachers. In this role he was responsible for overseeing curriculum, monitoring testing, ensuring safety, and providing mentorship to fellow teachers and students.   He also serves in a leadership capacity with the IBO working as a workshop leader, a site visitor, and a contributor in the international curriculum redesign team for the organization.

Well versed in the business side of education Joshua is the founder and lead college consultant at Ace It Test Prep, LLC. For over a decade, he has run this boutique test prep and college consulting company in east central Florida, helping students from across the southeastern United States navigate the college testing and application landscape. His aim has been to guide students through their high school experience by fostering their personal growth and maturation. His former clients are students and student-athletes at prestigious colleges around the country. A graduate of Dartmouth College himself and now an alumni interviewer for the college, Joshua has a personal understanding of what students need to achieve in high school and he works each day to ensure that they receive that at DME Sports Academy.  

Instructional Staff

Dave Swebilius – Science / Math

Dale Papineau – Science / Math