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  1. DME Sports Academy is closed as of March 17, 2020 due to caution for the coronavirus outbreak.

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S&C purpose statement
The main focus to our strength and conditioning approach is injury prevention, followed by strength and power. A typical in-season workout is targeted towards maintaining the muscle mass gained in the previous off-season. The off-season is when we turn things up a bit, as the volume and intensity are increased; which is where most of the progress is made.

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Tom Shaw

NFL Strength and Conditioning Coach Tom Shaw has more than 25 years of experience in performance training for pro football, baseball, basketball and soccer players, including some of the biggest names in the NFL (Tom Brady, Reggie Bush, Peyton Manning, Eli Manning, Chris Johnson, Santonio Holmes, etc.).

Coach Tom Shaw is a living legend in the world of speed and NFL combine training. From Michael Vick to Deion Sanders and countless other stars, Coach Shaw has been behind some of the fastest 40-yard times in the history of the NFL Combine. But it doesn’t stop there. NFL superstar Tom Brady states simply, “Coach Shaw is the best in the business.”

What is his secret? It’s simple. Improve your explosive power and jumping ability and you will run faster. According to Coach Shaw, “If you can increase those two numbers, you will run faster. No matter what kind of form you have, you will run faster.”

Kelsey Martinez

Kelsey is the first female strength coach in the history of the NFL. She has been working professionally with athletes since 2012 and became a member Tom Shaw Performance in the fall of 2015. Martinez earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Exercise Science from Colorado State University; ever since, she has been travelling across the country to work with NFL and college strength coaches in an effort to grow and improve her proficiency in sports performance.


Jacob Culberhouse

Jacob Culberhouse, better known as Coach Jake, is entering his first season as Head Strength & Conditioning Coach with DME Sports Academy. Jake was born and raised in Orlando FL, and attended Boone High School where he played football and baseball. While attending the University of Central Florida where he obtained a Bachelor of Science in Sport & Exercise Science, Jake was employed by the Orlando Magic as a “ball-boy” or locker-room manager. While making connections in the National Basketball Association, Jake was motivated to pursue a higher education.

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