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Dear DME Parents,

I am excited to announce that DME Sports Academy is partnering with Xceed Preparatory Academy (, to be our exclusive school and curriculum provider for our academy students beginning in August 2019.  Xceed, based in South Florida, currently has three schools in Broward and Miami-Dade County and its unique educational beliefs and approach has it poised for significant growth.    

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DME Sports is excited to announce we are partnering with Xceed Preparatory Academy (, to be our exclusive school for our academy students beginning in August 2019. The Xceed model is designed to meet the unique needs of elite middle and high school athletes, as well as non-athlete students. The Xceed educational model provides personalization, online curriculum, flexible schedules and attentive in-person academic staff preparing students for college and beyond.

Important Facts About Our New School Partnership:

  • Our blended educational model combines on-site teachers online curriculum for grades 6-12
  • We are a fully-accredited school that offers NCAA approved core courses as well as AP and Honors courses
  • On-site teachers ensure that students receive the socialization and personal attention that they deserve
  • Xceed meets all Florida graduation requirements for college acceptance
  • Each student has a Personalized Learning Plan (PLP) designed to meet their individual goals
  • The PLP is created by the Head of School, parent/guardian and the student
  • The PLP includes what courses are taken, when they are taken, how many courses are taken at a time and when the student will be on campus
  • Student schedules are made to be flexible based on individual needs

Our model blends the best educational practices combining on-site Teachers with online curriculum

Teachers facilitate student progress and provide support individually or in small groups

Personalized Learning Plans and flexible schedules created for each student

Robust curriculum delivered online by nation’s top provider


Xceed Preparatory Academy prepares students for college and beyond using personalized learning approaches for students who want the flexibility to pursue their own interests and talents in a supportive, innovative environment.


Xceed’s founders, Drs. Brent Goldman and Richard Goldman, have been two of the top private school leaders in South Florida for several decades. Richard Goldman was the Dean of Graduate Education at Nova Southeastern University (NSU) for 20 years. He and his team were pioneers in the development of distance and internet-based education at NSU. In 1996, Brent and Richard co-founded The Sagemont School in Weston, Florida. Under Brent Goldman’s leadership the school grew to more than 800 students and sent graduates to universities such as Harvard, Princeton, Columbia and Vanderbilt. Additionally, Brent and Richard have co-founded and held leadership positions in a variety of highly successful education ventures, including the University of Miami Online High School, Another Generation Preschools and Smart Horizons Career Online Education, which is McDonald’s official high school.


Our post grad program is designed for students who need one extra year before they become collegiate student athletes.  While part of this designation is focused on athletic training, we also assist our post grad students with the final academic pieces of their applications.  This involves facilitating additional classes they may be taking, providing test prep to help them meet required SAT/ACT scores and even assistance with the completion of their college applications.  Like the rest of our academy, our post grad program is about whole student instruction not just athletic training.