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Lynette Bowman

Lynette Bowman | Chief Academic Administrator

As a lifelong educator, Bowman has inspired students to achieve more than they thought possible, not just in the classroom but inspiring greater character and leadership in their lives outside of the classroom. Prior to joining the team at DME, Bowman taught for 10 years at a local private school. Throughout her teaching tenure, she utilized critical thinking and interdisciplinary learning styles to meet the needs of individual student’s learning styles. She taught a variety of middle and high school subjects including Latin IV-VI, Rhetoric I & II, Mock Trial, Senior Thesis, and Biblical Womanhood at Riverbend Academy. As a school administrator, she assisted the Dean of Academics, Dean of Students, and Head Master. Results oriented and visionary, her organizational abililty and keen communication skills allowed her to present winsomely to change policy, course offerings, and looping to meet the changing requirements of educational demands for the students and families. She was poised to accept the Dean of Academics position when DME Sports Academy approached her to start their 6th-12th grade school. Since starting the school, Bowman’s role has expanded to include supervising all academic programs at DME.When she’s not working, she enjoys spending time with her family watching or attending an overwhelming amount of basketball.