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  1. DME Sports Academy Newsletter: Sep 18th

Jennifer Panaggio


Jennifer Panaggio along with her husband and brother in law Daniel Panaggio co-founded DME Sports in 2014. As an established partner, she has played an important roll in the DME Sports Academy both in Daytona Beach and in Asia where she has established The Chinese version of DME Academy.

Jennifer has had a serious interest in sports promotions for almost a decade. She has held a boxing promotion license in several,states including New Jersey and Florida as well as Georgia and Michigan. She continues to work diligently for the DME Sports 501 C non profit Foundation which creates scholarships to support local student athletes.

Jennifer is fluent in Mandarin Chinese. Her knowledge of the Asian culture and athletic  enterprises in China have made her invaluable to DME Sports Academy’s expansion plans in China.

This year Jennifer is leading a contingent of 8 DME Academy students who will travel with her and several coaches to participate in three basketball camps under the DME Sports Academy brand in China. We expect to supply coaches to DME Academy China on a permanent basis by 2019.

Jennifer continues to lead all things Asian for DME Sports Academy.