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International Application

DME Academy has a commitment to athletics, academic development and personal growth. We are looking for students that share those ambitions to be a part of our student body. We closely review your prior academic performance, and your athletic history.

Step 1: Application Checklist

DME Academy Application

  • Family Information completed by the parent/legal guardian
  • Applicant Questionnaire completed by the applicant

$100 Refundable application processing fee, you may mail in a check or money order with your application made out to DME Academy.

Copy of Passport or U.S. Birth Certificate or Resident Alien Card

Official School Transcripts translated to English, including most recent grading period report.

Step 2: Application Deadlines

DME Academy operates on a rolling admissions policy. Application Deadlines are set forth as a guide for you to follow to give you the best opportunity for acceptance. After the final deadline of July 1st, applicants are reviewed based on available space.

Step 3: Acceptance, Enrollment Agreement, and Tuition Deposit

If accepted, a Tuition Enrollment Agreement, Enrollment Packet, and Registration and Health Forms will be mailed.

To reserve your space at DME Academy complete the Tuition Enrollment Agreement and mail along with the required $2,000.00 USD enrollment deposit. Deposit is due within 10 days of official acceptance or by August 1st, whichever is first.

Step 4: Registration and Health Forms

Registration and Health Forms must be completed and returned two (2) weeks prior to arrival and participation in DME Academy. Please note the Physician’s Report must be completed after June 1st.

Full yearSemester 1 (Fall)Semester 2 (Spring)

Yes, I will be a boarding student.No, Commuter.


Applicant’s First Name*

Applicant’s Last Name*

Date of Birth* (month/day/year)






State & Zip

Home Phone Number

Student Mobile Number

Student Email


School Name

School Phone

School Address

School City

School State & Zip Code

Guidance Counselor


Parent (Mother) Name

Home/Street Address (Mother)

City, State, Zip (Mother)

Home Phone (Mother)

Cell Phone (Mother)

Email Address (Mother)

Position/Occupation (Mother)

Parent (Father) Name

Home/Street Address (Father)

City, State, Zip (Father)

Home Phone (Father)

Cell Phone (Father)

Email Address (Father)

Position/Occupation (Father)


Name as it appears on passport

Country of Birth

Country of Citizenship


Passport Number

Other Languages You Speak Fluently

Do you need an I-20? YesNo

Do you currently have an I-20? YesNo

If you have an I-20, what school is it from and what is your SEVIS Number?

Have you taken an English Proficiency Test? YesNo




I understand that this application for admission will not be considered until my application fee, official school transcript, and official test scores (if applicable) have been received by DME Academy.

I acknowledge that the information presented on this application is complete, correct and truthful, and I am willing to abide by the rules and regulations set forth by DME Academy. We have read and agree to all provisions stated in this application.

Applicant Signature* (Typed)


Parent/Guardian Signature* (Typed)


The $100.00 USD Refundable application fee may be paid by check, money order, or credit card.

Please make checks payable to: DME Academy
CheckMoney OrderVisaAmerican ExpressMasterCardDiscover

Credit Card #

Expiration Date

V Code

($) Amount to authorize to charge on card

Name on Card

Signature of Cardholder (Typed)

Billing Address of Credit Card

Additional Files

After submitting the application, make the payment in order to make it official.

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