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  1. Records Shattered for DME Senior Sophia Rueppell to Finish 2-0 at The MLK Shootout


DME Sports provides residential housing for our athletes and staff. Within minutes of the DME’s facilities and Daytona’s famous Beach, all of our homes are spacious and comfortable with fully equipped kitchens and top of the line bedding, as well as at least one 70 inch TV.  Each house has a live-in Resident Advisor, with vetted coaching and mentoring experience, to supervise and support student athletes and help them develop the life skills they will need when they live independently.

Georgetown Apartments

Live Oaks Guest Rooms

Live Oaks Athlete Rooms

DME Dorms

Coming Fall 2020

We are also in the process of building brand new student dorms on campus. The residential hall will house 80+ student-athletes, a full cafeteria, and kitchen, student labs for studies, and hangout lounges for you and your teammates. We expect to be finished with this major project in Fall 2020! Here is a sneak peek of what you can expect!