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  1. DME NewsLetter: August 21st, 2020

Florida Virtual School

DME Sports Academy works in collaboration with FLVS (Florida Virtual School) which is a fully accredited school recognized by the state of Florida. The core course curriculum is approved by the NCAA which has a College Bound Student Athlete’s portal on the FLVS website.

FLVS’s e-learning is accredited as a system by Advance Education, Inc. (AdvancED), and the various FLVS schools are accredited by SACS CASI (Southern Association of College and Schools Council on Accreditation and School Improvement). All courses are facilitated by a professional Florida Board Certified Instructor.

Meeting the full, Florida State approved middle and high school academic criteria, through FLVS, DME Sports Academy offers a variety of flexible part-time and full-time course load options designed around each student’s goals and needs. Individual curricula are customized for each student athlete’s unique academic requirements, pace, and sports schedule.  The ability to access course materials 24/7 is particularly appealing as it minimizes the standard conflicts between academics and athletics that plague some student athletes.

For more information about FLVS, follow the link:


These courses are recognized by the State of Florida and fully approved by the NCAA Eligibility Center. The choice of curricula is made in collaboration with students, parents and coaches to meet each individual athletes’ needs.

NCAA Approval

All online courses offered by DME Sports Academy meet NCAA education requirements, including minimum core grade point average and distribution of core courses.

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