SuperStars Summer Day Camp

Date June 7- August 13
Location DME Sports Academy
Ages 5 - 12 / K-5 to 6th Grade
Gender both, female, male

Spend your Summer at DME Academy

Weekly Camps Run from June 7th - August 13th 

Come camp at DME Academy. Our summer camp program is perfect for children aged 5-12. Our camps are dedicated to keeping kids active and offer them an exciting opportunity to learn, experience, and create lifelong memories through sports, fitness, cognitive, and team-based activities.


Why Camp at DME Academy

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Our structured, well-rounded program caters to the individual personalities of your child. Whether your child is new to camp or an experienced camper, we make sure that everyone is included and has fun! We create team based games and activities throughout the summer focused on strengthening the bonds of teamwork, support, sportsmanship and perseverance.

The facilities at DME Academy reverberate with the sounds of cheering, laughter and excellence from our customers. 


Our Facilities

Our elite field house is home to our basketball, volleyball and performance training areas. With more than 47,000 square feet our professionally maintained facility has the latest training equipment and technology for athletes. Our facility boasts 2 full NBA courts, 5 youth courts, 7 regulation volleyball courts, a performance center, athletic training rooms and a spa.


How much does this camp cost?


  • Weekly Rate: $125 ($25/day)
  • Monthly Rate: $450 ($22.50/day)
  • Full 10 weeks: $1,000 ($20/day)

Field trips are an additional cost. We typically offer up to 3 field trips per week. Field trip prices vary between $5-$25. 

What is provided in the camp fee?

Breakfast, Lunch & Afternoon Snack

Transportation not provided. It is added to the cost of the field trip.

Who is in charge of my child?

DME Summer Camp Staff: School Administrators, Teachers, Coaches, and College Students that have grown up in the summer camp program. We follow 1:20 ratio on campus and 1:10 ratio off-campus.  It is our Director's 11th year and Co-Director's 8th year running this camp. 


What should I bring to camp?

Campers should come equipped to play both indoor and outdoor sports each day. On our skating days at the ice arena, each camper should wear cold-weather clothing. Campers are encouraged to bring a water bottle and sunscreen.

Campers will be assigned lockers.  Any belongings will be kept there.  Additional snacks are always encouraged. Any electronics brought to camp will be at your own risk. DME is not responsible for lost, damaged, or stolen items.

Waivers & Insurance

All campers will need to fill out our Mandatory Waiver Form. This will need to be filled out and E-signed during the registration process, by a Parent/Guardian.


Covid-19 Policy

We are all currently facing times of uncertainty. We all continue to look ahead with optimism while knowing the need for flexibility if things should change. We also realize that the desire for many to keep improving, even during difficult periods, is a constant. And that is why we are offering worry-free booking options, if for any reason we cancel the event, you will receive a full refund (minus credit card processing fees).

What kind of meals can my camper expect?

Breakfast usually consists of the following:

one juice, one milk, muffin, pop tart, breakfast bars or cereal 

Lunch usually consists of the following:

1 juice, 1 milk, PBJ, turkey sub, Lunchables, apple or banana, apple sauce, cheese stick etc.

We also provide an afternoon snack each day. 

Explore our field trip details and calendar.

View our June field trip calendar here

View our July field trip calendar here

View our August field trip calendar here

*Date/Trips are subject to change due to Covid restrictions being lifted and Weather!!!*

Halifax Health Benefits For The DME Family

Medical Advisory Council

Halifax Health will provide a medical advisory council consisting of 5 members. Physicians and community health managers will meet with DME leadership and advise on all health protocols and provide up to date and newly established injury research. 

DME Student-Athlete Liaison

Halifax Health will provide a liaison for injured DME Academy students-athletes.

Fitness Assessments & Nutritional Education

Halifax Health will provide fitness assessments on all incoming DME Academy student-athletes upon request as well as provide nutrition education once per season, per sport.

Life Saving Training & Telemedicine Services

Halifax Health will provide annual Basic Life Saving Skills training for DME staff and coaches as well as make telemedicine services available to DME Academy student-athletes at usual and customary rates.

Medical Personnel at DME Events

Halifax Health will provide medical personnel at select DME events.

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