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  1. DME Sports Academy Newsletter: Sep 18th

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General Liability Waiver

This waiver is presented to me by DME Sports Academy located at 2441 Bellevue Avenue, Daytona Beach, FL 32114 for my voluntary participation and I agree to abide by the following: For myself, my estate, assigns and representatives, I hereby release, indemnify, hold harmless and forever discharge DME Sports Academy, its trustees, officers, employees, and agents from any and all claims, liability, demands, lawsuits, and causes of action of any kind or nature, known or unknown, that I have or may have, arising from or related to my voluntary participation. I, for myself, my estate, assign and representatives, hereby waive any and all claims of any kind or nature, known or unknown, for damages, injuries or losses to myself or my property arising from or related to my voluntary participation. Unless required by law or valid order of court, I shall not file, allow to be filed, consent to, or cooperate with any claim, cause of action, lawsuit, or demand of any kind or nature for injuries or losses to or by me arising from or related to my voluntary participation, and shall on demand defend and indemnify DME Sports Academy for any cost or expense associated therewith.

I understand that activities, of which I will voluntarily take part, can be dangerous and may cause or lead to injuries, including but not limited to, broken bones, concussions, comatose state and other very serious bodily injuries up to and including death. Severe social and economic loss may result not only from my own actions, inactions, or negligence but from the actions, inactions or negligence of others, as well as the condition of the premises or from any equipment used. Further, there may be other risks not known to me including risks that are not reasonably foreseeable. I acknowledge that I am sufficiently fit to voluntarily participate, and that I may examine the equipment and facilities. If it appears to be unsafe, I will notify the appropriate party and not use the equipment of facilities until such condition is corrected. My participation shall be conclusive proof that I was satisfied with the safety and condition of the equipment and premises.

I hereby consent that DME Sports Academy or its agents may arrange for or provide emergency medical care that appears reasonably necessary, or transportation to such care. I understand and agree that neither DME Sports Academy, nor its trustees, officers, employees, or agents shall provide medical insurance, nor will they pay any medical cost or expense incurred by me. I shall be responsible for the payment of all such expenses, including the costs of transportation or hospitalization. DME Sports Academy, therefore, strongly recommends that I obtain my own personal insurance fit to cover any related injuries or damage, and I hereby acknowledge that recommendation.
I agree that this Agreement shall be binding on my personal representatives, assigns, heirs, next to kin and successors in interest whether such injuries or losses are alleged to be caused in whole or in part by the negligence of the released parties.

Athlete Code of Conduct

Participation with DME Sports Academy is a privilege and should be looked upon as such by the athlete. Each member of our teams should exhibit good sportsmanship in his/her actions at all times both on and off the court. Once you have committed to be an athlete in our club, you have made a choice to uphold certain standards expected of athletes:

1. I will display good sportsmanship and respect my competitors, parents, event staff and referees at all times. The use of profanity is unacceptable anywhere and at any time. I will leave all facilities in clean condition and take care of equipment at all times.

2. I am expected to act in a first class manner and should act with high moral and social standards while representing DME.

3. I am expected to wear DME apparel and it is to be worn at all practices and competitions at all times. It is to be worn in a neat and mannerly fashion (i.e., shirts tucked in). Any time I wear clothing with the DME name, I am representing DME.

4. I am expected to refrain from all illegal substances. There will be no consumption of alcoholic beverages, drugs, chewing tobacco, or smoking materials.

5. I will use social media in a positive way. I will not forward or post vulgar messages, texts, or photographs that reflect negatively on me, my team or other individuals of DME. Whenever possible, I will discourage others from postings that could be deemed unflattering or damaging to others.

6. I will report any and all injuries to my coach or Club Management.

7. I will not fraternize with coaches or members of Club Management.

8. I will familiarize myself with general knowledge of AAU, USAV and/or any other organization in which my team participates, rules and regulations. I will be an active member of any organization in which my team participates and have a valid membership for the entire season.

9. I understand that rules may be added at the discretion of Club Management should a situation demand it.
The rules outlined here are intended as a guide to successful participation. As a member of this DME, I will be expected to understand and abide by these rules and my team's rules. It is my responsibility to follow them to the fullest. Failure to abide by the rules above may result in suspension or termination from the club and forfeiture of paid tuition.

Parent Code of Conduct

The parents of DME Sports Academy athletes generally want the same “end result” for their child from the athletic experience. Parents hope their child learns positive traits while participating in sports, among which are:

• Teamwork

• Sportsmanship

• Overcoming adversity

• A sense of positive competitiveness

• Healthy fitness regimens

In order for the child to learn these skills, they need to participate long enough in the activity to gain these valuable lessons. What facilitates this process is parents being very aware of the way they interact with their child, the coach, and other parents. To enhance the opportunity for these goals to be met, we ask our parents to follow the “Parent Code of Conduct” as listed below.

1. Allow for only ONE instructional voice for your child……the coach’s. Shout encouragement at every opportunity for your child and other teammates. However, a steady stream of technique suggestions, advice, or strategies during contests is counter-productive to the coach helping your child have success. Don’t confuse your child with potentially conflicting instruction.

2. Sometimes, an official’s call is hard to take for several reasons. Such times present a test of emotional control on the part of the athlete, the coach and the parent. Parents that loudly harass the official are embarrassing to the athlete and the team. Part of the learning process for the athlete is to occasionally deal with a “wrong” call, accept the responsibility, and move on. Don’t encourage your child to place the blame for their failures upon others. Learning to cope with disappointment is a valuable life skill.

3. Athletics is one of the safest environments for your child to struggle, fail, get back up, move on and learn from these various “hurdles”. Let him/her learn to work them out without your interference. For example, a player has every right to discuss with the coach what needs to be done to earn more playing time. Our coaches are child-oriented; they realize that all kids want the opportunity to play and show their skills. Give your child the gift of learning how to work through those questions by not running interference each time a conflict may arise.

4. Support your coach and DME Club Management and stand behind their decisions. Please do not talk poorly about them in front of your child. Your child will still need to work with the coach and his/her teammates in the future; don’t burden them with additional doubt when you talk poorly of the coach or DME Club Management. If you believe you need more data or communication from the coach to answer your question(s), go directly to the coach and arrange an opportunity to discuss your concerns out of sight from your child. Set the example of “being an adult” with issues of like nature.

5. Remember that the opposing players are someone else’s child. The other team’s players and coaches should be “off-limits” for harassing or mocking. Parents of athletes who intend to disrupt or upset someone else’s child exhibit the worst of poor sportsmanship.

As a parent, be involved in a positive way. Attend your child’s games as often as you can. Cheer loudly for the kids on the team. Help with the team when asked by the coach. If you’re not sure how you can help, ask the coach. When the larger portion of a team is working well, the experience can be wonderful for everyone involved! Other people and parents who see this type of synergy in action will want to support and be a part of the action. Younger parents will be looking forward to the day when their child is a part of our program. This type of teamwork perpetuates itself, and once it gains momentum, it can be quite a force. It just takes PARENTS who care!

Electronic Communications and Social Media Policy

All electronic communications between a DME Sports Academy Representative (i.e. coach) and an athlete must be professional in nature and for the purpose of communicating information about team activities.
As with any communication, the content of any electronic communication will be readily available to share with an athlete’s family. At the request of a parent or guardian, any email, electronic text, social media or similar communication, the DME Representative will copy the athlete’s parents or guardians.
The parents or guardians of an athlete may request in writing that their child not be contacted by any form of electronic communication by a DME Representative.

Media Release Authorization

I hereby authorize DME Sports Academy, to use, reproduce, and/or publish photographs, video, other digital representations, and/or audio that may pertain to my child, including their image, likeness and/or voice. I understand that this material may be used in various publications, social media, websites, recruitment materials, or for any lawful purpose consistent with the mission of DME. I waive any right to inspect or approve the finished product, including written copy, which may be created in connection therewith. I authorize the use of these images without compensation to me.