What Is Dual Enrollment?

About Dual Enrollment

Through a new dual enrollment partnership with the University of Pittsburgh and Outlier.org, 11th and 12th grade students at Xceed DME Academy can earn college credits, online, in a timeframe that aligns with their schedules. The cost is included in their tuition.


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How It Works?

Dual enrollment courses begin every two weeks, and enrollment is open, meaning students can sign up for a course at any time. Enrollment is completed through the University of Pittsburgh with assistance from Xceed DME Academy staff. The courses are 100% accessible online and delivered in a cinema-quality format, allowing students to feel like they’re in the lecture hall. The flexible format ensures that students are able to manage their high school and college assignments seamlessly.


Benefits of Dual Enrollment

College Ready Students

Those who plan to attend college after graduating from high school feel competent and prepared to thrive.



Significant cost savings

Since dual enrollment at Xceed DME Academy comes at no extra cost, students can save money on their college tuition.

Shorter time to finish college

Students may shave as much as a full semester off of their college degree completion plan.

Options to explore

Through dual enrollment, students may pursue interests in topics that will assist them with selecting a college major or career path.


Dual Enrollment FAQ

Who is eligible for dual enrollment?

Dual enrollment is offered to high school students in grades 11-12. There may be some cases where a 9th or 10th grade student would be eligible, but these would be considered on a case-by-case basis.

What types of classes are offered?

Courses are taught by engaging professors from leading universities. Check the outlier.org website for up-to-date class offerings.  

Do dual enrollment students have any costs or fees to consider?

No — college tuition, class materials, and fees are included in each student’s Xceed DME Academy tuition.

Do students have to log in to their college classes at a certain time of day?

No, students can watch lectures at any time and complete their coursework when it is convenient for them.

Who provides support for students in their dual enrollment courses?

Students have several layers of support to help them thrive in dual enrollment. They will have a point of contact at University of Pittsburgh (either a PA or professor) and access to full-time virtual tutors through Revolution Prep.

Will the student’s high school experience be compromised by participating in dual enrollment?

Not at all. Dual enrollment is the way of the future at Xceed DME Academy. It does not take away from the high school experience, but enriches it through an innovative learning environment, additional community-building opportunities, and invaluable collaboration.


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