DME Sports Academy held a press conference Tuesday for the announcement of DME becoming the new managing partner of the Daytona Stadium, formerly known as the Daytona Beach Municipal Stadium.

DME, which signed a 30-year lease for the 10,000-seat stadium in February, announced the name change of the complex at the conference.

Owner, Mike Panaggio, and CEO of the stadium, Dean O’Brien, spoke at the press conference with Daytona Beach News-Journal, Channel 13 News, and Daytona Beach City Commissioners in attendance.

DME will be investing around $20 million dollars in renovations for the stadium. Renovations include remodeling home and away locker rooms, creating a merchandise store, expanding the concourse area, and remodeling/creating a high-tech VIP club.

“Youth sports is the key,” said O’Brien, on the best way to invest in our community and the youth. O’Brien also added the new concession menu, new signup system, and a new exterior design will be in plans for renovations.

“We have a lot of new things that are going to happen, that’s going to have a huge economic impact,” O’Brien stated on the benefits of the city from the stadium new renovations, opportunities, and events.

O’Brien expressed the stadium continued support of BCU Football team and the local high school football teams that play at the Stadium during their regular season.

DME Soccer and Lacrosse will continue to practice and play at the Stadium as well. It was clear that the Stadium will be used for more than sports events.

The first annual STEMfest, science, technology, engineering, and mathematics will be held at the stadium this September and is expected to have 10,000 people each day. This exciting event starts September 23rd-25th and will feature live-performances, hands-on activities, and family-oriented STEM entertainment.

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