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College Placement

The college application process is getting more competitive each year and understanding everything that is involved in it is critical for success.  For student athletes, it is especially important that everything is done correctly so that they don’t miss out on a chance to make it to the next level.  When our student athletes get an offer from a college we want to make sure that everything is in order for them.

Our program starts with a one-week bootcamp during the first week back to school.  During this time students complete their NCAA eligibility forms and then the contents of college applications like the Common Application and Collation Application. We also help students craft winning essays as part of this process.  The incredibly qualified team of College Consultants from Ace It Test Prep, LLC facilitate this process for our students.  

There is perhaps nothing in high school that is more important than this application process. Ace It’s team of College Consultants helps DME students navigate the process and maximize their chances of success. They bring a unique set of skills to their role as College Consultants. As educators, counselors, academic advisors, test prep professionals and alumni interviewers for different colleges they see this process from a variety of perspectives.  As a result, they have developed a proven approach to the college admissions process

The Ace It College Consultants’ accumulated experiences and knowledge are on display in their recently published book Kicking Apps and Making Names: A Guide to Successfully Navigating the College Application Process. This is an engaging and useful book that will help guide readers through the college application process. It is used as a textbook for DME students as they work through their own college application journey.

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