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College Performance Program

The College Level Package is offered to those attending our post-grad program, college or enrolling into college. This program was designed so each athlete will build on their running technique, speed, quickness, agility, reaction, as well as develop explosiveness and strength performance and training techniques. During the training program, the athletes will have plenty of time to work on any changes recommended. College Package includes:

Performance Training:

  • Intensive Speed Training Explosive Power
  • Quickness and Agility
  • Increasing Muscular Strength

Nutrition Consulting (additional fee / optional)

  • Focus on proper nutrition and supplements
  • Nutritional Supplements (protein drinks / energy and recovery drinks)

Personalized weight training workout program

Access to Medical Staff

  • Athletic Trainer on-site
  •  Orthopedic office visits
  •  Massage Therapists (when available)
  •  Chiropractor (when available)

Email: performance
Call: 386.271.3150