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Billet Family

Our Ice Hockey organization takes a custom approach to helping high end hockey players maximize the most critical stage in their development as a hockey player and as a person. Our players are from around the world and are competing to further their education and hockey career in college.

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Billet Family Application

Benefits of being a Host Family

Host families learn first-hand about the different lifestyle and culture that the athlete has grown up in. The host family and athlete share the evolving process of bringing the world closer together through sharing and friendship.

Similar to an exchange student program, teams are always in need of families that are willing to open their heart and home to a developing athlete. Families are interested in taking a supporting role in the player’s overall development while both get memories that will last a lifetime.

How to Become a Host Family
The first step to becoming a host family is to contact us! Our housing coordinator will make an appointment to visit each home to get a first-hand feel for the lifestyle and accommodation for the prospective athlete. This is also the perfect time to go over the ground rules and expectations that both the team and host family will work with.
Our team places athletes with host families who provide the student athlete with a caring and safe home environment. Host families are able to experience firsthand the exciting experience of elite athlete development.

For more information on becoming a Host family please visit_ for our FAQ page. (On this page will also be the billet host inquiry form.

DME ACADEMY takes a unique approach to helping high end hockey players maximize the most critical stage in their development as a hockey player.

Billet Family Program Guidelines for Players

Each family has the flexibility to set practical “house rules” for the living arrangements. Please respect these guidelines during your stay, knowing that you are representing DME Hockey in the community. We want this arrangement to work comfortably for both you and your billet family and be a positive experience for all.

Please discuss the following topics with your billet family. They will also have a copy of these guidelines.

It is mandatory that each player provide payment to the billet family for the use of their home, utilities and other amenities. Players are responsible for purchasing all personal items. The fee that the family will receive from each player they billet will be $450.00 per month. Billet families must receive money by the middle of each month or on a set schedule agreed upon between the billet family and player’s family. Payments for partial months will be prorated at $17 per day. Please note that this is a DME Hockey policy and failure to pay billet families will be brought to the attention of the Billet Coordinator and coaching staff.

Billet families prepare meals for players however it is up to the player to discuss with your family if you tend to eat out, if you would like to cook in their home or how you feel about joining them for meals with the family. If you will be cooking in their home, discuss where they would prefer that you store your food as well as clean-up requirements. Players are responsible for cleaning up after themselves and in the manner the billet family requests, i.e. if they have a dishwasher and want you to load dirty dishes. Players are to notify their billet families if they will not be in attendance of a meal or if they would like to invite guests to a meal.

The legal drinking age of 21 will be enforced. No member of DME Hockey is to consume any alcoholic beverages in any billet home. No alcohol is to be brought into or taken from any billet home by a player. Any fake ID’s will be confiscated.

Player are to communicate with their billet families on all practice times, appearance/community appearances, special events, school schedules, work schedules, and team travel departure times and arrivals. Players are to communicate with billet families when family is visiting, being late for curfew/meals, and traveling out of town. Players are to speak with their billet families on any issues with pets, children, teammates, house rules, or any other matter. Please understand that your billet family will not be exactly like your family back home. There may be different rules and expectations. If a player has any issues with the billet family’s expectations, please speak with them about it first before bringing an issue up to the Billet Coordinator.

Team curfew is 11:00 pm during the week unless coming home from game, practice or community appearance. Coaching staff will make curfew calls on a random basis to the billet family home phone or in a manner that documents the player is at the billet home. All out of town personal travel, anything more than 30 miles, must be approved prior to departure by the coaching staff. It is the player’s responsibility to communicate travel plans to the coaching staff and billet family.

You are responsible for your own transportation. Your billet family may be able to take you to and from the rink on occasion, but you must make arrangements for your routine transportation. If you have your own vehicle, please ask the family where to park it so that it doesn’t interfere with their use of their own vehicle. If you don’t have your own vehicle, you will need to arrange a ride with another player to and from the rink or any other DME Hockey functions.

All players are required to do one of the following: obtain a part time job, attend school (college or high school) or volunteer time to community needs. Practice and weight training will be scheduled daily allowing players the opportunity for morning or evening classes/part time jobs.

Most families volunteer for the Billet Family program so that their family can experience some of what goes on in the daily life of a DME hockey player as well as take an active role in the community. They may invite you to participate in family activities with them. If there are children in the family, you are encouraged to be friendly to them as they will likely view you as role model. Please be courteous to the family at all times. Respect their home, possessions and the area that they have provided for you, keeping it neat and clean. Remember to pick up after yourself throughout the home. Please ask for permission before you use any of the household items such as televisions, stereos, DVD players, computers or Internet. Make sure you are familiar with how any of these items work before you use them. Also, be considerate of the times and volume levels used in operating any of these items so as not to disturb the rest of the family members at any time.

You are responsible for your own laundry unless previously discussed with the billet family. If you do not know now to do laundry or you are unfamiliar with the families washer and dryer please ask your billet family for help. Discuss with the family if you have permission to use their washer and dryer. If you do not have your own laundry detergent, make sure to ask permission before using theirs.

Please do not place any long distance calls from the family’s home phone. If you do receive permission from the billet family to use their phone, please make sure that you place any long distance calls on a calling card. Otherwise, please make and receive calls from your own cell phone. If you do receive calls on the family’s phone, please be respectful of the time you do so that the calls do not wake or disturb the family.

Ask your billet family how or where they would prefer you to enter their home. This is extremely important since your arrivals and departures from their home will undoubtedly be different from those of the rest of the family. Please take personal responsibility and safety in using the key, keyless system or locks they ask you to utilize. Make sure that you double check the proper security of the house and turn off any lights as you come and go.

If you have family or a guest coming into town to visit, please arrange for a hotel unless previously discussed with your billet family. The billet family is under no obligation to house your guest. Discuss your billet family’s preferences regarding whether you may have friends or teammates over to visit. Billet families are not responsible for feeding your guests. Should you have guests over to the billet home they will be expected to bring their own food. Players may not entertain girls within the billet home after curfew or overnight. Billet families may restrict girls coming into their home to visit Rockets players altogether. It is their house so their rules apply. Players are allowed to spend the night at another billet family’s house when their billet family is out of town or if the coaches give permission. Players may not spend the night at another billet family’s home without the consent of their billet family. PLEASE BE RESPECTFUL OF YOUR BILLET FAMILY AND DO NOT BRING ANY FEMALE GUESTS INTO YOUR ROOM.

Players are not permitted to smoke or chew tobacco in the billet home. Possession of any illegal substance within the billet home is prohibited. Use of any illegal substance is prohibited.

Players are to inform billet families of specific medical conditions i.e. asthma, diabetes, seizure disorders, etc. Players/biological parents are responsible for medical insurance coverage. Players are responsible for providing medical/dental insurance information, in case of medical/dental need. Players are responsible for notifying the DME Hockey staff of any pet, food, or other allergies. Players with pet allergies will be placed in non-pet billet homes.

The billet family is responsible for the initial attempt of resolving any violations of house rules/conflicts. If there is a question or a situation that occurs with you or your billet family, please inform the Billet Coordinator. Your swiftness in addressing a problematic situation will allow for a prompt resolution. Violation of the following house rules must be reported to the Billet Coordinator who will notify the Rabbits staff: team curfew, alcohol/substance abuse, illegal/inappropriate behavior, having girls over after curfew or overnight.