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Basketball Programs

DME Sports has designed a unique system with customizable programs for developing exceptional collegiate and professional basketball players. Comprised of a variety of classes tailored for a wide range of skill sets and ages, our programs offer focused training and development opportunities at all levels from general to position specific. This ensures that you can choose the optimal program to enhance your basketball skills.

Basketball Traning

Training is designed for beginner to advanced players who would benefit from additional individualized instruction. Each student will spend one on one time developing his or her unique skills. Schedule your private lesson with Daniel Mondragon at daniel.mondragon@dmesports.com.

Youth Basketball Training

Our Youth Training programs are specifically designed for 1st through 12th grade athletes and are tailored to their individual and developmental skill level. Our goal is to prepare them for more competitive levels of basketball.

Elite Basketball Training

DME Sports Academy has assembled the most effective elite basketball training team in the world. NBA coach, Dan Panaggio, with over 40 years of professional experience has to offer players the best possible formula for improvement and success. Dan have a proven system and basketball experiences that have been woven through our basketball program. He designed the model to meet each player at his or her level of talent and help him or her grow into the best basketball player that he or she can be.

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Team Hosting

Let DME’s team provide your team with all of the essentials to run a successful training camp. From organizing games to on court development, we will customize a program to meet any client’s needs.

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