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Apply for DME Soccer

DME Sports Academy Soccer Application

DME Sports Academy has a commitment to athletics, academic development and personal growth. We are looking for students who share those ambitions to be a part of our student body. We closely review your prior academic performance, and your athletic history.

Step 1: Application Checklist

DME Sports Academy Application

  • A. Family Information completed by the parent/legal guardian
  • B. Applicant Questionnaire completed by the applicant

2. $100 Non-Refundable application processing fee, you may mail in a check or money order with your application made out to DME Sports Academy.

3. Copy of Passport and Copy of Birth Certificate or Resident Alien Card

4. Official School Transcripts translated to English, including most recent grading period report.

5. Test Scores (ACT or SAT and Toefl) - Optional

Step 2: Application Deadlines

DME Academy operates on a rolling admissions policy. Application Deadlines are set forth as a guide for you to follow to give you the best opportunity for acceptance.

Step 3: Acceptance, Enrollment Agreement, and Tuition Deposit

If accepted, a DME Tuition Offer Agreement, Payment Plan Agreement, Letter of Intent, Acceptance Packet, and other Forms will be e-mailed.

To reserve your space at DME Academy complete, sign and email at back electronically Payment Plan Agreement and Letter of Intent along with the required and allocated enrollment deposit that can be paid via online or bank wire. Deposit is due within 15 days of official acceptance.

Step 4: Registration and Health Forms

Acceptance Package Forms must be completed and returned two (2) weeks prior to arrival and participation in DME Sports Academy. Please note the Physical Report must be completed after June 1st.

USA CitizenshipInternational Citizenship

Post Grad Program

Yes, I will be a boarding student.No, Commuter.

Full Program Period (2 Semesters)Semester 1 (Fall)Semester 2 (Spring)Custom Period (Only available for Post Grad Program)


Applicant’s First Name*

Applicant’s Last Name*

Date of Birth* (month/day/year)




State & Zip

Home Phone Number

Student Mobile Number

Student Email


Last Grade Completed






Present Team

Highlights Video

Game Video

Sports Achievements


School Name

School Phone

School Address

School City

School State & Zip Code




Teacher's Name

Teacher's Contact

USA Students also need to fill out additionally the questionary that can be found at the bottom of this application, after "submit" button.


Parent (Mother) Name

Home/Street Address (Mother)

City, State, Zip (Mother)

Home Phone (Mother)

Cell Phone (Mother)

Email Address (Mother)

Position/Occupation (Mother)

Parent (Father) Name

Home/Street Address (Father)

City, State, Zip (Father)

Home Phone (Father)

Cell Phone (Father)

Email Address (Father)

Position/Occupation (Father)

VISA INFORMATION (Only for international students)

Name as it appears on passport

Country of Birth

Country of Citizenship


Passport Number

Other Languages You Speak Fluently

Do you need an I-20? YesNo

Do you currently have an I-20? YesNo

If you have an I-20, what school is it from and what is your SEVIS Number?

Have you taken an English Proficiency Test? YesNo




I understand that this application for admission will not be considered until my application fee, official school transcript, and official test scores (if applicable) have been received by DME Academy.

I acknowledge that the information presented on this application is complete, correct and truthful, and I am willing to abide by the rules and regulations set forth by DME Academy. We have read and agree to all provisions stated in this application.

Applicant Signature* (Typed)


Parent/Guardian Signature* (Typed)


DME (Only for USA Citizen) School Application

Make sure that you submit the application above before filling out the information below.

PROCEDURES: The selection and make-up of the school’s student body is second only to staff selection in the impact it has upon the school’s mission. DME Sports Academy is a family atmosphere that develops and fosters discipline, heart, character, servanthood, and excellence of our students both academically and athletically.

June 15-June 29: New applications and school handbooks will be dispersed and completed applications will be collected. Date of application will be recorded, but will not be a consideration in acceptance.

June 30-July 14: Interviews, school visits, and requisite documentation related to each new student will be evaluated. (After June 29, applications will still be accepted and reviewed according to the same selection standards, but only after the initial pool of applications has been considered.)

July 14-July 21: Notifications of acceptance or denial will be mailed to each applicant. Accepted applicants will receive all appropriate information for preparing for school, including financial arrangements.

After July 21 (or after all notifications have been mailed): Applications will be considered as they are received and as space permits.

During the student selection process, the student’s academic and athletic achievements will be considered.

1. Do you agree to have your child(ren) taught unconventionally, utilizing both academic and athletic training opportunities throughout their school day? YesNo Are there any points in which you disagree? YesNo If so please explain.

2. Have you read the school handbook? YesNo Are there any points of philosophy or school policy which are inconsistent with your goals for your family? YesNo If so, please explain.

3. How did you hear about DME Sports Academy?

4. Why do you want your child(ren) to attend DME Sports Academy?

5. How do you think the parents should participate in the education and athletic training of their children?

6. Is either parent, step-parent, or guardian opposed to a Sports Academy education? YesNo If so, please explain.

7. Please list the school last attended or presently attending.


Student Name

School Name



Teacher's Name

School Phone



Student Name

School Name


Teacher's Name

School Phone



Student Name

School Name


Teacher's Name

School Phone


8. DME Sports Academy is not staffed to handle students with severe learning disabilities or those who have trouble behaviorally. For your child's best interest, please be candid when you answer the following questions. (If more than one child is applying, please consider each one when answering.) Further elaboration on your answers may take place during an interview.

a. Has the student ever been referred for testing or placed in a special program? YesNo

b. Has the student received any other special help or tutoring? YesNo

c. Has the student ever repeated a grade for any reason? YesNo If so, which grade?

d. Has the student received any special honors or awards for scholastic achievements? YesNo

e. Has the student ever been suspended or expelled by a previous school? YesNo

f. Has the student ever seen a counselor/doctor/psychiatrist for any type of social, behavioral, or mental problems? YesNo If so, briefly state the nature of the problem:

g. Has the student ever been examined or treated by a counselor/doctor/psychiatrist for hyperactivity or attention deficit disorder (ADD or ADHD)? YesNo

h. Do you suspect or have you been told that your child might have dyslexia? YesNo

I. Has the student ever been involved in legal problems or been arrested? YesNo

11. Do you know of families who attend DME Sports Academy? YesNo If so, please list some names here:

12. Insert

of the family representative that our staff member can contact concerning your application.

Apply for Scholarship


(1) Complete this page of the Academy application

(2) Have your son(s) or daughter(s) complete the Player Essay

(3) Attach the first 2 pages of your latest Federal tax return: 1040, 1040a, or 1040EZ tax return (omitting all schedules and forms)

(4) All applicants must complete the Registration Paperwork before final decision can be made on amount of scholarship provided.


Parent Last Name*

First Name*



State & Zip

Home Phone Number

Mobile Phone Number


Number of Dependents Currently Living in Household

Number Living Outside of Household

Number Dependents registering with DME Academy by DME Sports

Number Dependents in College

Names of Dependents and anticipated level in which you feel your daughter(s)/son(s) will be playing?


Post GradUndergrad


Post GradUndergrad


Post GradUndergrad

FINANCIAL: For your application to be considered you must fill in fields below

Do you anticipate a substantial adjustment in gross income for 2018 in comparison to your 2017?

If yes, how much of a decrease or increase (indicate which)

Extenuating Circumstances: (Select all that apply)

One working parentTwo Working parentsLoss of employmentSingle parentRecent widow/widower within the past yearSpouse deployedSignificant medical costs (note from Physician required)

Confidentiality: Both parties must keep all financial information confidential. Amounts awarded should not be shared or discussed by parents/players with other parents/players. The information provided on this form will be kept confidential between the applicant and DME Sports.

Hardship Reason: Are there any extenuating circumstances that we should be aware of when evaluating the financial aid need of your son(s) that you would like to share with us? (email additional pages if needed)

Terms of Financial Aid Agreement: I agree to make payments monthly for the reduced Academy fees for my son(s). I attest that the above information is true and complete to the best of my knowledge.

Print Parent Signature


Player Essay Instructions: Each player must complete this page individually and attach it to the Financial Aid Application along with ALL REGISTRATION Paperwork by your first tryout date.

Please include the following information in your essay: (1) Tell us about yourself (2) Tell us what playing for DME Academy by DME Sports means to you (3) Share with us any future aspirations. In addition please share any ACADEMIC/SPORTS Honors (if any) you have earned in the last 3 years.

Additional Files