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Flexible. Customized. Accredited. College prep. For grades 6-12.

At DME, we challenge our students to strive for excellence in everything they do…to use their talents and passions to achieve their academic and athletic goals and dreams.

But If your child is a serious middle or high school athlete, you probably feel like traditional schools aren’t very flexible. We believe your child shouldn’t have to choose between pursuing their passion and their education.

At DME, we have found a way to achieve balance between the unique academic and athletic needs of our student athletes. It all starts with the Four Cornerstones of a DME Sports Academy Education:


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We Are Reinventing:

  • The role of the teacher
  • The role of the principal
  • The role of the student
  • The school day
  • What a school should look like

Our Students are:

  • Elite Athletes
  • Accelerated Learners
  • Independent Learners
  • Students with special talents and passions
  • Students with demanding schedules

Important Facts About Our School:

  • Our blended educational model combines on-site teacher’s with online curriculum for grades 6-12
  • We are a fully accredited school that offers NCAA approved core courses as well as AP and Honors courses
  • On-site teachers ensure that students receive the socialization and personal attention that they deserve
  • Xceed meets all Florida graduation requirements for college acceptance
  • Each student has a Personalized Learning Plan (PLP) designed to meet their individual goals
  • The PLP is created by the Head of School, parent/guardian and the student
  • The PLP includes what courses are taken, when they are taken, how many courses are taken at a time and when the student will be on campus
  • Student schedules are made to be flexible based on individual needs


If your child is a serious athlete, you probably feel like they have to work really hard to avoid falling behind. Traditional schools just aren’t very flexible. Your child shouldn’t need to choose between pursuing the sport they love or school.


  • Let’s build a balanced schedule for your child’s studies, practice, travel, and games.
  • We can help your child find the right college to continue developing athletically — and a path to get there.
  • Your child will get individual support where they need it and learn in a community with other students who have similar goals and interests.


  • Individualized College Counseling Program for all High School Students
  • NCAA Approval Guidance
  • Community Service Opportunities
  • College Workshops & Visits

SAT/ACT Summer Prep Classes

Summer A: June 8 – July 10

Summer B: July 13 – Aug 14

Costs: $20 per daily class

SAT book $20.00*
ACT book $30.00*
*Review book purchase is required

Weekly Schedule

Monday (10 am -12pm) Wednesday (10 am -12pm) Friday (10 am -12pm)
Math Science English



A tested method for ensuring your child’s success

Much of academic and personal success is not a mystery — it simply requires asking the right questions, listening well, and taking the time to make a thoughtful plan you can adjust as you go. That’s our basic approach to Personalized Learning Plans. The process we use with every student and family has four parts.

Review and Assess

Students and parents meet with the Head of School to review basic academic and personal information.

We discuss things such as:

  • Completed classes
  • Graduation trajectory (early/accelerated, standard timeline, or extended study)
  • Any issues, struggles, or concerns your child is currently facing
  • Applicable NCAA eligibility status

Select Specific Goals

We talk to your child about future hopes, goals, and priorities.

We cover questions like:

  • If you could go to college anywhere, where would you go, and why?
  • What are your long-term athletic, performance, and other goals?
  • How about personal and emotional development — is there something you want to work on?
  • What other priorities might you have for middle school, high school, and college?

Align and Agree

At this point, we bring it all together and spell out the details of how to get your child from where they are to where they want to be in a plan we all agree to follow.

Together we will:

  • Select the right classes in the right order
  • Build a schedule that accommodates all of your priorities
  • Select a date for their first day at Xceed
  • Cover what they will need to bring to school
  • Plan logistics such as: when to expect your child on campus – drop-off/pick-up details
  • Ensure everyone agrees on the same plan!

Refine Over Time

The flexibility of our education model becomes even more clear as time goes on. After a student begins classes at Xceed, the Head of School and teachers check in with them and their parents specifically about the learning plan every three to four weeks.

  • How is the plan we made working?
  • Do they need more help in an area?
  • How are they socializing and doing at home?
  • Are the daily schedule, start, and end times working for everyone?
  • Where should we make adjustments?


What are some of the ways that the traditional school model holds back (or at least doesn’t help) today’s students? How are we different? The differences can be summed up by saying we deliver personalized education that is flexible and structured around the needs of your child and their goals. Here is a side- by-side comparison that many students and parents find helpful.

One-size-fits-all schedule and classes Schedule and classes are based on individual student needs
Hundreds of students in each grade level We keep the traditional grade-level structure, but our class sizes are small by design with no more than a 5:1 student to teacher ratio. A tight-knit learning community is integral to our students success.
All students take 45- or 75-minute block classes on the same bell-and-lunch schedule Students study courses as long as they need and switch to other courses when they are ready
Fixed school day hours and school year breaks Parents and students create a daily, weekly, and yearly study schedule that meets their priorities
Lessons are taught generically for the “typical” student on a bell curve average Every student creates a Personalized Learning Plan with their Head of School that is tailored to their learning needs and future goals — and is refined with their teachers as they make progress
Many students compete for a fraction of one teacher’s attention during limited class time Students always have access to teachers who know them personally and clearly understand their learning needs and goals
Athletes and performing arts students are under more pressure or need to work harder to make up time spent practicing or traveling for competition Athletics, performing arts, and all kinds of extracurricular priorities outside of school fit seamlessly into the structure for studying that students and parents choose and agree on with their teachers
Communication between teachers and parents is very limited and often non-existent Parents have personal, frequent, open, and direct communication with the teachers and Head of School
Thousands of students share a very limited number of school and college counselor resources Every high school student receives monthly one-on-one college counseling from the very first meeting with Xceed until graduation

School Schedule

The typical DME school day operates on a full year block schedule that involves our student-athletes daily education and sports training. Schedules can vary between morning academics with afternoon training or vice versa, creating the perfect environment to advance all aspects of their education and athletics.

Middle School Schedule High School Boys Schedule High School Girls Schedule
Classroom 8a-10a Breakfast 8:30a Breakfast 7:30a-8a
Practice 10a-12p Classroom 10a-12p Classroom 8a-12p
Lunch 12-1p Lunch 12-1p Lunch 12p-1p
Classroom 1p-2:45p Classroom 1p-2:45p Practice 1-3p
    Practice 3-5p Study Hall 3:30-5p
    Dinner 6:30p Dinner 6:30p


9am – 9pm EST


2441 Bellevue Ave.
Daytona Beach, FL 32114