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  1. DME NewsLetter: August 21st, 2020


Hybrid learning with live instruction and FLVS

DME Sports Academy is a cutting edge academic program that allows the freedom of self-pacing with customized online education and the excellence of personalized instruction with live teachers certified in their core content areas of expertise.

FLVS allows a small private school to offer customized student instruction in the classroom covering all their academics. FLVS will allow DME Sports Academy to create classes for our students to enroll and complete together in virtual learning labs.

Live instruction allows students immediate assistance and learning support for student-athletes to excel in the classroom.  In addition, as teachers guide students through lessons and questions, they will communicate with parents to provide academic updates on progress, pace, and behavior. Teachers will directly oversee and monitor students’ progress, answer questions, and serve as a liaison between the virtual instructor, student, and parents.

Hybrid learning takes the strengths of the customized and self-paced virtual platforms and the interpersonal and small group interactions of live instruction. Together, students can still travel abroad and stay caught up virtually with their academics and have the live academic support when they’re in the classroom daily.

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