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  1. DME NewsLetter: August 21st, 2020


DME Sports Academy is a cutting edge educational opportunity providing student-athletes the opportunity to complete their academics and develop their athletic prowess.

Students receive an academic sports education. Similar to a performing arts school, DME Sports Academy created an excellent educational opportunity for student-athletes to balance academic and athletic pursuits.

DME Sports Academy students receive focused athletic training targeting agility, endurance, strength, strategy, and sport-specific skill development, in addition to customized student instruction in the classroom covering all their academics.

DME Sports Academy is a true school. Students will train athletically two hours/day and complete their academics the other five. DME Sports Academy is registered with the Florida Dept. of Education as a private school.

DME Sports Academy uses FLVS to customize coursework for the individualized student, while creating virtual labs to allow students in the same course to work cooperatively.

DME Sports Academy offers NCAA compliance for all coursework through FLVS and has an NCAA compliance counselor.

Yes, as an official private school with Florida Department of Education, students will complete all courses needed to receive a diploma recognized by the state of Florida. Further, all students will have state certified and NCAA approved courses.

DME Sports Academy hosts students who are driven to excel academically and athletically. Using FLVS, we can customize the education of our students. Using our expansive coaching staff, we can customize the athletic training of our students.

Certified teachers employed through FLVS create, teach, and grade all student work.

Yes, FLVS teachers are easily accessible through email and phone.

DME Sports Academy will have a certified instructor to monitor students while they complete their coursework at all times while they’re on campus.

A DME Sports Academy student will have professional coaching and training specific to their sport and overall athleticism.

DME Sports Academy has an athletic performance specialist on site to ice, stretch, and monitor any ache or pain. In addition, DME Sports Academy follows professional protocols as it relates to training duration and strenuousness. Students will also submit a medical physical from their doctor stating they are fit for physical activity and training.

Statistically, according to Forbes, the majority of CEOs and entrepreneurs are former athletes. At DME Sports Academy, we seek to cultivate a love for academics and athletics to empower tomorrow’s business leaders.

DME Sports Academy offers training to all levels of athlete, from beginner to pro. We maintain low ratios so each student receives ample feedback to foster optimum growth.

DME Sports Academy is designed for the driven student. With FLVS as the educational template this upcoming school-year, students should transition well from their public/private school. In addition, we have a certified teacher on site daily to assist students with staying on task, organized, and prepared for their daily coursework.

DME Sports Academy and FLVS can tailor academics to suit the advanced student. In addition, because the coursework is online, your student can advance as quickly as he/she wants, without being held up by others.

DME Sports Academy is a superior education because it utilizes the strengths of balancing excellence in academics and excellence in training. Students, while scheduled each day, have the opportunity to have specific athletic training throughout their day.

DME Sports Academy seeks to do all things with excellence. As such, FLVS will be utilized this school year to tailor academics to each student’s individual need. We can also create courses for groups of our students so they can experience a more collective learning environment.

DME Sports Academy hones and develops focused passion through academic and athletic excellence. As a result, students have skills to launch them into their future endeavors, both in and out of the classroom and on and off the field/court.

DME Sports Academy is committed to keeping class sizes small, maximizing student learning with minimal interruptions and distractions. Using FLVS, students can pace themselves to match their drive and determination.

Adversity comes in various packages and as such, DME Sports Academy will equip students with strategies to overcome adversity both in and out of the classroom and on and off the field/court.

DME Sports Academy coaches and staff hold a number of degrees and certifications, including bachelors and master’s level degrees, and various other certifications and specialties within their fields of expertise. In addition, FLVS uses only Florida state certified teachers.

Currently, DME Sports Academy offers boarding in homes with direct supervision from DME Sports Academy employees and coaches. Those boarding fees would be in addition to the tuition costs and include three meals/day and transportation to and from school each day.

Students receive daily training and instruction in athletics and academics, a computer to use for the school year, a DME email to communicate with teachers and coaches, and use of the top athletic facility in the region.

Currently, DME Sports Academy is enrolling 6th-12th grades for the fall 2017 school year and trains basketball, cheer leading, football, gymnastics, soccer, and volleyball.