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  1. DME NewsLetter: August 21st, 2020

DME Sports Academy Graduate

DME Sports Academy will develop the whole person. Throughout the development process, our educators and coaches focus on these five pillars: Heart, Excellence, Character, Discipline, and Servanthood.


Heart: Student demonstrates academic and athletic achievement, exemplary conduct and positive attitude.

Our students possess a love for learning with integrity of heart and skillfulness of hand.


Excellence: Student demonstrates a life that fulfills the principles of DME Sports Academy and demonstrates outstanding academic and athletic achievement.

Our students competitive spirit fuels their drive to excel.


Character: Demonstrates Diligence, Patience, Faithfulness, Honesty, Loving-Kindness, Respectfulness, Thankfulness.

Achievement without character eventually fails. We desire for our students to have strength in character to serve as a catalyst towards achievement.


Discipline: Student is on the Honor Roll (3.5 GPA) and leads the team in dedication on the court/field.

Academic achievement should yield a minimum GPA to demonstrate excellence in learning.


Servanthood: Student completes volunteer hours and projects independent of school, looks to ways he/she can help others.

DME student-athletes are marked by their desire to help, give, and serve others out of gratitude for all that has been poured into and invested into their development.