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  1. DME NewsLetter: August 21st, 2020


PROCEDURES: The selection and make-up of the school’s student body is second only to staff selection in the impact it has upon the school’s mission. DME Sports Academy is a family atmosphere that develops and fosters discipline, heart, character, servanthood, and excellence of our students both academically and athletically.

  1. New applications and school handbooks will be dispersed and completed applications will be collected. Date of application will be recorded, but will not be a consideration in acceptance. Apply Here
  2. Interviews, school visits, and requisite documentation related to each new student will be evaluated. (Applications will still be accepted and reviewed throughout the summer according to the same selection standards, but only after the initial pool of applications has been considered.)
  3. Notifications of acceptance or denial will be mailed to each applicant. Accepted applicants will receive all appropriate information for preparing for school, including financial arrangements.
  4. Applications will be considered as they are received and as space permits.

During the student selection process, the student’s academic and athletic achievements will be considered.