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  1. DME HS Girls WIN SIAA Championship

Private & Group Soccer Lessons

Private Lessons

  • At DME Sports, we offer effective pre-season workouts to enhance fitness and performance at all levels. We believe that each soccer player must put in the individual time needed to develop their unique skills and talents. Private lessons are available for both boys and girls.

Group Lessons

  • From both a technical and tactical standpoint, DME Soccer offers quality-training programs for high school teams. Like our private lessons, our pre-season group workouts provide students with the opportunity to improve soccer specific fitness and sharpness alike. The group lessons encourage the athletes to execute within context of a team setting. Group lessons are available for both boys and girls at all levels.
  • Additionally, we offer effective mid-season maintenance programs for professional domestic and international teams. Preseason and end of season programs are also available for professional teams at DME Sports.